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Relocating to Victoria BC

April 29, 2024 Blog Home Life 0

When approached with the idea of relocating to Victoria, British Colombia, Canada, my nineteen-year-old son asked, “Does Victoria, BC, have the same laws as Windsor, Canada, where I can legally drink?”. I informed him that, actually, in Victoria, the legal drinking age is eighteen years old. So, he responded with an overwhelming firm “Yes!” and said he would be happy to take on an adventure to move out of state and the country.

I reminded my enthusiastic son that it was not a sure thing yet. We needed to first think about whether it’s worth it to move from Michigan, across the country, from the United States to another country to live in Canada or not.

Although the job offer was appealing, I decided not to adjust to Victoria’s Canadian lifestyle. I truly love my home state of Michigan, the suburban neighborhoods north of Detroit, where everywhere I turn, there is an inland lake to play in and explore.

Just northwest of the City of Detroit, in Oakland County, there is an area made up of several towns and communities called the “Lakes Area.” As you can imagine, the roads are very curvy as they all wind around the lakes. I used to live closer to the city, and when I moved out here to the Lake Area, I frequently found myself lost.

Why? Because I was used to roads that traveled out from the city like a grid, only in a north, south, east, or west direction. Out here, you’ll be traveling eastbound on one road, and then all of a sudden, the road starts going northwest! Today, I know my way around well, but in the beginning, it was something to get used to.

But if you’re still wondering, Live Victoria BC has listed below some pros and cons of relocating to Victoria BC:

Pros of Living in Victoria, BC

  • Mild Climate
  • Cultural Richness and Arts Scene
  • Education Facilities
  • Strong Economy and Employment Opportunities
  • Safe and Family-Friendly Environment
  • Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Cons of Living in Victoria, BC

  • High Cost of Living
  • Limited Job Market
  • Island Accessibility
  • Rainfall and Gray Days
  • Traffic Congestion
  • Housing Affordability
  • Tourist Crowds

If I absolutely had to leave Michigan, Victoria sounds like a decent place to live. The one thing that I absolutely cannot live with is having a constant flow of rain happening as Seattle, Washington deals with. I know we have some gray days here in Michigan during the winter months, but overall, each season has its own beauty and charm. And there’s one thing about Michigan weather: it’s always surprising us, so it’s never boring, that’s for sure. Let’s find out more about why Pure Michigan is such a great place to live, work, and play.

Is Michigan a good place to move to?

Michigan is a great state to move to due to its rich cultural heritage, beautiful natural landscapes, strong economy, affordable real estate, excellent education options, vibrant arts and entertainment, and numerous other attractions.

I love to quote my all-time favorite ad campaign, Pure Michigan, when they say “Michigan is home to lakes that feel like oceans, golden beaches, tranquil forests, glorious sunrises and sunsets and exciting, vibrant cities. In a world where everything moves fast, slow down and enjoy four beautiful seasons as a stunning backdrop for everyday life.

Whether you’re an outdoor adventurer, foodie, art lover or just looking to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life, we invite you to create unforgettable memories for years to come in Pure Michigan,”.

And I happen to be that outdoor adventurer and foodie kind of gal! In fact, from the time I was two months old (or so I have been told), I have experienced camping all over the state of Michigan, in private campgrounds, State Parks, and National Forest land. As an adult, I have taken my sons camping since they were only a few months old as well. We have camped primarily in State Parks and National Parks across Michigan. I’m not necessarily a fan of private campgrounds as, in my humble opinion, they don’t have the high standards held at the State and National levels.

Below are some of my favorite State and National Parks in Michigan:

  • Huron Manistee forest in Oscoda, on the Au Sable River
  • Manistee National Forest, Manistee, footsteps from Lake Michigan
  • Ludington State Park, on the shores of Lake Michigan
  • Lakeport State Park, on the shores of Lake Huron
  • Proud Lake State Park, on the Huron River (close to home)
  • Seven Lakes State Park, for Halloween camping (close to home)
  • Algonac State Park, on the shores of Lake Huron (great pier fishing)
  • Burt Lake State Park, on Burt Lake (which connects to Indian River, connecting to Mullet Lake, which feeds into the Cheboygan River, which leads to Lake Michigan) Great boating and swimming
  • Mears State Park, on the shores of Lake Michigan, minutes away from world-renowned Sleep Bear Dunes

Why do people love living in Michigan?

We don’t have enough time for me to list all of the wonderful reasons why I love living in Michigan. But in addition to what’s already been mentioned about the arts, economy, education, and affordable housing, here are a few more:

  • Four distinct seasons that offer a beautiful backdrop for everyday life
  • Outdoor adventures
  • Strong sense of community and friendly Midwestern hospitality
  • An abundance of outdoor recreational activities, such as boating, fishing, hiking, and skiing
  • Rich history and architecture found in cities like Detroit and Grand Rapids
  • Thriving craft beer and foodie scene
  • Opportunity to experience unique events and festivals throughout the year. Bob Segar said it best live at Cobo Hall in Detroit, “As I told everybody last night, I was reading in Rolling Stone where they said, “Detroit audiences are the greatest rock and roll audiences in the world.” I thought to myself, “Shit! I’ve known that for ten years!” —Bob Seger, “Nutbush City Limits,” ‘Live’ Bullet

If you’re into country music, the infamous “Faster Horses” three-day country music festival takes place on the west side of our state in Brooklyn.

Whether you’re exploring lakes that feel like oceans, relaxing on golden beaches, or enjoying the tranquility of forests, Michigan has something for everyone to create an unforgettable, memorable life and legacy.

Relocating to Victoria Canada

In conclusion, while Victoria is a great place to relocate or visit, my heart belongs to my home state of Michigan, and this is where I will stay.